Details introduction of quarry crushing plants

Working principle of ceramsite /ceramic sand production lines:

Whatever the raw materials is, generally ,the production process is raw material homogenization, granulation, roasting, cooling. According to the material types and characteristics, its granulating process may be: plastic method technology: suitable for raw materials such as clay and clayey material, the process: clay plasticizing→ material homogenization→ double roll granulating →roasting → cooling →finished products; The mud granulating process: apply to fly ash or other powder material, its process: fly ash →mixed well →granulating→roasting→ cooling → finished products; The powder granulating process: suitable for raw materials such as shale, clay shale and coal gangue, the process: shale→drying→ grinding→ prewetting→ dish granulating→ roasting→ cooling →finished products; mineral industrial mobile jaw crusher (dry) process: suitable for raw materials such as shale, its process: shale →crush →classification → roasting →cooling →finished products; Fuel: according to local fuel supply, choose bituminous coal, crude oil or natural gas.
Ceramsite /Ceramic sand production line equipment for sale

Feeder system, measuring system, mixer system, spherulization system, calcination system, dust collection system and computer control system.

The main equipment contains:

1. main kiln body 2. calcination system

3. dust fall chamber

4. ventilator

5. control cabinet The auxiliary equipment: copper ore mobile cone crusher, ore vibrating screen machine, slag belt conveyor, raw material storage chamber, feed machine, discharge and machine.
In order to reduce the occurrence of droughts and floods, the China government issued a series of policies and measures to strengthen the protection of the environment in the whole China; meanwhile, make the construction of water conservancy and hydropower engineering according to the specific circumstances to provide not only water, electric energy to the economic construction in the region, but also play a certain part role in local droughts and floods.
Currently, large hydropower projects have been built in China is Three Gorges Project, and the large-scale projects hydropower station in the construction are Xiluodu Hydropower, etc., which will provide support to China's economic implementation as well as play a major role to the protection of droughts and floods in China. Of course, the construction of water conservancy and hydropower project can not do without the support of raymond mill and stone breaker, etc. from the mining mobile impact crusher machinery industry. Currently, the mining machinery industry is all in intelligent from design to production, from sales to after-sales service, and the mere role of human is reduced in the production process and replaced by machines and computer.

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